Thanks to the invention of this famous ride on wheels for children – the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Ride-On. It has provided many children with the pleasant feel of an actual road trip without having to leave the neighborhood or driveway. Although driving may seem to be rough and rugged yet it never ceases to present that exciting fun experience that gives children the real feeling of driving a car.

Even in the toughest backyard driving conditions, the amazing Ford F150 truck is built to excellently perform well. Unlike other ride-on trucks that could easily get stuck in the wet grass or mud, this Electric Vehicle is designed to navigate right through the mess.

Power Wheels Ford Lil' F-150
  • Roomy truck bed for storage
  • Pretend engine for role play fun
  • Big, rugged tires
  • 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) max, forward & reverse
  • Drives on hard surfaces & grass

Features of Power Wheels Ford F150

This amazing Ride-On is battery powered (12 v) which allows for the full operation of some extra features which include a functioning MP3 jack, pretend seat belts , FM radio, and a truck bed that is quite roomy which also includes a tailgated that can be lifted and lowered. Its radio requires 4 C batteries to function.

This vehicle is roomy enough to accommodate two children. It drives forward at a minimum speed of 2.5 mph and 5 mph max. The truck can reverse at a speed of 2.5 mph. Regardless of how turf and hard a surface may be or the roughness of a terrain, it is meant to work well on them, thanks to its Monster Traction system. With highly efficient features like Power-Lock brakes and high-speed lockout for beginners, children are safe from over speeding.

Unlike any other ride-ons, this Ford F-150 is built with innovative play and performance features and it is Fisher-Price tough. Backed by over 300 service centers scattered around the country, this vehicle comes with a comprehensive One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty.


– It is important to note that the Power Wheels F-150 is just a pure electric Vehicle (EV) that runs on a rechargeable 12-volt battery. It is not a coal-rolling gas hog or bam-Bam Rubble Pedal car.

– Whether on dirt, Astroturf in the backyard or on beach sand, the truck can be effectively driven without stress.

– Although not all kids may know exactly what an FM radio is, nevertheless, most of them are sure to enjoy the lovely music that may come from their MP3 player plugged into the available audio-in jack.

– While mimicking the benefits of a limited-slip differential, the Ford F-150 comes equipped with patented Monster Traction system that functions with independent motors installed at each rear wheel.

– The power train has got two-speed settings which are respectively good for 2.5 mph and 5 mph. The Power Wheels F-150 is only limited to 2.5 mph in reverse which is a good thing for almost every parent.

– To ensure that these trucks are age-appropriate, easy to operate, as well as to ascertain high-quality performance mile after mile, a Quality Assurance Test Track is run on them in the Fisher-Price onsite Play Lab. Also, in order to ensure that they are fun to drive they are put to the test by kids

– When children literally find themselves in the “driver’s seat” of this exciting truck, they tend to feel a sense of independence and control. It fuels “grown-up” role play in such an interesting way because it provides them with a chance of learning how to drive a “real” vehicle.

– As kids learn how to steer, change speeds, drive forward, backward and stop, it helps to promote a proper understanding of balance and body awareness, as well as cause and effect in their minds.

– One significantly good thing about the Power Wheels Ford F150 is that it easily breezes across areas that seemed difficult to pass through by other power wheels.


– It has long charging hours (about 14 hours). It takes time before the cell can be fully juiced up with the standard charger.

– The electric truck lacks a functioning speedometer. It is difficult to ascertain the speed at which the truck is driven because it has no functioning speedometer.

– Depending on the condition of the road, the weight of the occupants and whether or not the driver is a lead foot, it is difficult to actually ascertain how long this Power Wheel can run on charge. However, its manufacturers claim it can provide three hours of driving enjoyment which is relatively small when compared to the time it takes to charge.

– As one of its biggest drawbacks, it is usually very hard to turn when going backward.

– No doubt, the truck does come equipped with an efficient Monster Traction system, however, it lacks all-wheel drive.

– The Power wheels F-150 can run so fast. It lacks a low-range transfer case. To this end, the truck and be unstoppable.

– Power Wheels Ford F150 vehicles are made for children who are about 4 years old. In this case, most of them cannot operate some of their exciting features such as plugging an MP3 player or listening to the FM radio because they cannot read the directions and therefore they did not know the uses of those things.

The Power Wheels Ford F150 is a true replica of what Ford is generally known for – Strength! The power of its vehicles is rightly displayed here. Any child would love to accept an offer of this name-brand power. This is a ride on vehicle that will tame surfaces that have proven difficult to most ride-on toys.

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