Are you looking for the best electric car for your child? Would you like to have an overview of which electric cars are equipped with the best features? Looking for an online-portal that provides you with car safety tests and reviews? Then you have come to the right place! If you are considering buying an electric car for your children, you will inevitably face many questions. How fast do those electric kid’s cars drive? Can I control the car remotely? How safe is an electric car for kids? Who manufacturers electric cars for kids, and how do they compare to each other?

Winner of Electric Cars and Pedal Cars Tests

In the following tables we have compiled the top three cars for each corresponding category. Various factors are included in the assessment. Among other things, we look at the price/performance ratio, as well as various quality characteristics. We perform tests partially ourselves or draw on the experiences and tests from other buyers.

Pedal Cars for Children

We also create comparisons for pedal cars to determine the winner in this category. A pedal car is safer in comparison to an electric car, but is not as extensive in its features. However, there are also differences, especially in the quality of workmanship, in security features (brakes, danger of tipping over, etc.), and of course the price/performance ratio of the different models.

best pedal cars for kids

ModelRolly Toys New Holland Kid Tractor with Front Loader
Batman Go Kart
Huffy Green Machine
Rolly Toys New Holland Kid Tractor with Front Loader
Batman Go Kart
Huffy Green Machine
Suitable for for ages24 months - 5 years 4 - 8 years The 16 inch Green Machine accomodates riders ages 5-8 or up to 80 lbs
The 20 inch version accomodats riders ages 5 to adult; or up to 150 lbs
Technical Details
  • High impact blow molded resin body
  • Front lifting hood for extra play value
  • Oversized resin tires with a long lasting rubberized tread strip
  • Real working Front Loader
  • Toy
  • Feature: Sporty 3 Point SteeringBenefit: Responsive, quick steering
  • Feature: Adjustable Bucket SeatBenefit: Fits multiple height
  • Feature: Race-Styled Pedals with rubber wheels & 8 Ball Style Brake; Benefit: Better grip and smooth ride; Handbrake to regulate speed
  • Toy
  • Grand Touring - Toys
  • The 16 inch Green Machine accomodates riders ages 5-8 or up to 80 lbs
  • The 20 inch version accomodats riders ages 5 to adult; or up to 150 lbs
  • Infinitely-adjustable seat with improved lateral support.
  • Large 10" rear wheels
Price$125.00Currently not available$69.99
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In principle, you can go through the following points and answer for yourself if the car is equipped with the features you want for your child.

The following things can play a role when choosing a child‘s car:

  • Speed or variable speeds for forward/reverse
  • With or without a remote control for the parents
  • Tire and brake system (if equipped)
  • Battery capacity (if you are looking for electric car safety)
  • Number of engines and weight of the vehicle
  • Realistic sounds and / or lighting effects
  • Other features such as MP3 player plug
  • And of course the price of a kid’s car…

Different Types of Ride-On Vehicles for Children

When it comes to choosing kid’s cars, there are a lot of different types available today. Here is a brief overview of the types of child vehicles there are.

Pedal Car / “Kettcar”

Pedal carPedal cars for kids are the original form of cars for children. These are driven by pure muscle power and are still very popular today. The pedal cars have pedals attached either directly to the front wheels or the rear wheels (similar to the bicycle) and are driven by a chain. Any additional features are mostly limited to a horn. Sometimes on specialty vehicles there may be manual machine elements such as an excavator arm, which can be manually moved up and down. In particular, the pedal cars by Kettler have proven to be the most popular models in comparisons. Among them especially the Kettler Kettcar Daytona. Click here for the Kettler Kettcar Daytona test.

Electric Kids Cars

Electric cars have become more popular than the conventional pedal cars. On the one hand, it is because the cars are very realistic and are recreated from real world models, so now you can get electric cars for children from almost every car manufacturer like Audi or BMW. On the other hand electric mini cars also offer many unique functions. Besides electric drive power, most have headlights, radio, real sound, and come with a remote control.

test winner kids electric cars

ModelPower Wheels Ford Lil' F-150
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
2018 Kiddie Roadster Style 12V Ride On Toy Car Battery Powered Wheels W/ Dining Table, Leather Seat, LED Lights
Power Wheels Ford Lil' F-150
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
2018 Kiddie Roadster Style 12V Ride On Toy Car Battery Powered Wheels W/ Dining Table, Leather Seat, LED Lights
Suitable for for ages24 month - 4 years36 months - 8 years 1-4 years
Technical Details
  • Roomy truck bed for storage
  • Pretend engine for role play fun
  • Big, rugged tires
  • 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) max, forward & reverse
  • Drives on hard surfaces & grass
  • 2 speeds 2 1/2 and 5 mph plus reverse (5 mph lockout for beginners)
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Extra large dumpbed with tailgate
  • Adjustable seat for growing kids
  • Free 2 year warranty with consumer participation
  • Multifunctional effects of sound, Aux plugin for Music.
  • Adjustable Seat Belt, Soft Leather Seat, Front/Rear LED Lights.
  • Safe Drive with Three speeds: Forward (2 - 4 MPH) + Reverse with.
  • Includes 12V motors, Floor Mat, Baby Tray Table, Charger.
  • Best Ride on Car for a Child Age 1-4 Years and Equally Entertaining for Adults who want to Play Along through Remote Control Operation..
Availibility & priceBuy on Amazon

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Tractors for Kids

Tractors already form a separate group within the kid’s vehicles group. Made to look like many genuine tractor models you can buy a matching children‘s tractor. They are popular because they are recognized for their own brands. Tractors often offer additional functions that further increase the fun. A trailer can be fitted to many of them and can transport up to 20 kg of extra weight or even a small water tank. You can encourage a little help with watering the flowers in the garden! Among the children‘s tractors, the most popular model is clearly the John Deere tractor from Peg Perego. The reason for its popularity certainly comes from the excellent quality put into making it, and the number of available accessories.

best kids tractors

ModelPeg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor/Trailer
Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor & Trailer
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor/Trailer
Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor & Trailer
Suitable for for ages24 months - 7 years 36 months - 7 years 24 months - 6 years
Technical Details
  • 2 speeds plus reverse; 2¼ & 4½ mph. (4½ mph lockout for beginners)
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Farm tractor wheels provide traction on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement.
  • Extra large stake-side trailer
  • Working FM radio
  • Battery operated 12 volt 2 speeds 2 1/4 and 4 1/2mph plus reverse
  • Extra large stake side trailer to carry the loads
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Extra traction tires for all terrain travel
  • Includes 2 year warranty with consumer participation
  • Realistic John Deere tractor w/matching trailer
  • Easy to pedal with enclosed bicycle chain drive
  • Large adjustable bucket seat
  • Heavy-duty tractor wheels
  • Toy
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Which is the best kid’s car?

Many parents are looking for the best car‘s for their children, whether electric or pedal style. The car is not only the Germans’ favorite toy! More and more children confirm this, and it also still applies to the kid inside each adult without a doubt. This toy is really trendy! For quite some time there has been a growing number of children‘s cars available. The market in this category is large and there are also trikes (like the Trike Typhoon of Hauk), motorcycles, quads, tractors, or sports cars for kids. Many vehicles are developed in cooperation with the manufacturers of real cars or rebuilt with brand licensing, such as the John Deere Ground Force or the Porsche Diesel. The best known producers of children’s vehicles certainly include Rolly Toys, Big, Peg-Perego, and Kettler. There are a great variety of different styles as well. Among the most popular are sports cars, tractors, quads, scooters and go-karts for kids.
When considering a child‘s car, it’s important that you check the features. They range from rubber tires, wheels in chrome look, xenon headlights and even metallic finishes. In addition, extensive accessories such as traffic signs, lights, or pendant property are offered for those cars. Especially popular is the children’s electric car. Children can control the speed with the throttle / brake pedal when driving. It is powered by an electric motor, which usually manages slopes and rugged terrain without much trouble.
Most electric cars offer headlights for rides at dusk or in the dark. However, there is also a great demand for the old style pedal cars with a chain drive. The pedal car is brought in motion by the pedals and the child provides the muscle power to run it. With the help of a pedal car, children can grow and develop properly and benefit from the frequent activity and physical movement. Sometimes, a pedal car also has a gearshift, but most have only one gear. If the front tires are smaller, the turning radius is reduced. If the front and rear tires of the pedal car are the same size, then the entire vehicle will have slightly better stability.

Kid’s Car: At what age?

Kid’s Car: At what age?
While all manufacturers set an age range (for legal reasons) which seems appropriate for their cars, experience shows that you cannot just accept this age range for your child. It is important to consider the motivation, maturity, and experience of the child. Many children begin to have fun driving a child‘s car by the age of 2 1/2 years. The children’s vehicle, however, should then fit in terms of speed, safety, and maneuverability to the motor skills and the development of the child.
As for the pedal cars, the ergonomic aspects are important. For younger children, the kart must correspondingly be easier to move than it is for older children who have more muscles and energy. For example, the pedal tractor made by Eicher operates very smoothly. Children at the age of 2 1/2 years could probably drive it easily. Many pedal cars are equipped with an adjustable seat so that even larger children up to the age of 10 years can still drive it as well. Investing in a good child‘s car with the right features pays off in any case! Buying one that lasts the child many years is a great value and good investment for their fun and entertainment.
There are differences among the electronic cars that will make them better suited for some children. The John Deere tractor with a trailer, for example, is much more difficult to maneuver than the Mercedes SLS. For insecure children an electric vehicle with a remote control is recommended in any case, so the parents can intervene at any time. A great example would be the GTR Rally. For the youngest driver, a vehicle with 6 volts of power and a corresponding maximum speed of 4 km/h is satisfactory. With increasing confidence, the car can be upgraded to a more powerful and larger model. The more powerful models are designed for ages from 3 to 8 years.

Does a remote control make sense in a kids car?

Many of the kid‘s vehicles come with a remote control so that parents can have control of the vehicle at any time, including control of both the direction and the speed. There are many models with an “N” button on the side, which the parents can press in an emergency to stop the vehicle.
Keep in mind, however, that most parents probably won’t want to run next to the child’s car all the time just in case they want to stop the car. Especially since there are electric cars for children running at 8 km/h top speed with a 12volt motor. Running next to the electric car could get somewhat tiring! A remote control should not be used to control the experience of driving for the child. If your child would like to drive, then he or she should be able to do so independently and without your intervention with the remote control. The remote control should, if ever, be used only in critical situations.
Some vehicles steer one way or another in a bit of a sudden movement when engaged by the remote control. This may especially cause a problem if the child does not anticipate the intervention of the parent and is alarmed by the sudden motion. One should therefore see the remote control as “nice to have” but not to put too much emphasis on it as a feature when choosing the best vehicle for your child.

Which wheels or tires should have a kid’s car?

If the wheels of the kid’s car are decorated in chrome or matt optics it is crucial that the tires of the vehicle give a good grip so that the performance will be optimal if taken onto the street. The most popular materials used for the wheels on many electric cars are normally hard plastics. You can imagine that plastic tires, especially on hard surfaces such as asphalt or stone, don’t offer extra reliability. Be sure to consider this when shopping for a car for your child. It is best if the car has soft rubber tires, as with the Mercedes SLS AMG.
The soft rubber tires on the Mercedes SLS AMG rolled significantly quieter than others in our car test. Pneumatic tires are indeed the most comfortable, but also the most expensive. They are mainly used for pedal cars, and can be run over all ground conditions. They roll very quietly. A child‘s car can be driven inside the house, especially during the wintertime when it’s too cold to be outside. It’s best when the car has never been in use outdoors before. In this case, the floor is spared by the soft rubber, and the ears of the parents get spared as well! In addition, the tires don’t slip so easily on hard ground and provide more grip, so at full speed the wheels don’t burnout so quickly.

What should I know about the safety of children’s cars?

The main consideration for kids’ toys is always that there is no danger to the children. Almost all vehicles for children are made of sturdy plastic. The vehicles that come from reputable manufacturers are made so that there are no swallowable small parts that could be dangerous for children. The traveling speed of electric cars is quite low with top speeds of 8 km/h.
Because the traveling speed of electric cars is quite low, the driver of the car does not necessarily require a seat belt or even a helmet. Most cars for kids are likely to feel most comfortable on a smooth, flat surface, so the danger of tilting is negligible. However, if you want to buy an all-terrain car for your kids, a seat belt is never a bad idea. However, there is no obligation to wear a seatbelt.
Basically, both pedal cars as well as electric cars for kids are safe toys with no particular risks associated with them.

What things should be noted before buying a kids car?

Kid’s cars are largely pre-assembled and ready for use within a short time after bringing it home. For the electric cars, a bit more effort is usually needed to make the vehicle ready for use. Usually the wheels have to be mounted, the battery must be installed, the seat bolted, and the steering wheel must be put in place. When assembling the car, it should rarely take longer than 30 minutes, even if you are not good at technical things.

The pedal car naturally is less work to assemble. For many cars, merely the steering wheel must be installed and that’s all. If assembling things isn’t your strong point, you may want to buy the product that contains good installation instructions with pictures included, because in our experience the kids want to ride the car as soon as possible. An easy to understand guide shortens the waiting time and therefore is easier on your nerves.

No special tools are required for assembly. A good screwdriver is usually sufficient.
Electric cars with a speedometer for kids have usually two different maximum speeds. The 6V-models have a maximum speed of 4 km/h corresponding to about half the pace. At this speed, it is possible for the parents to intervene manually at any time. The child himself has the ability to brake the car once he or she takes their foot off the accelerator. A separate brake pedal is not present.
The 12V-model of the car achieves a speed of 8 km/h which is commonly called the walking pace. Here you have to take care that the car doesn’t disappear out of sight, so that the child does not get a speeding ticket in the street :-). Again, there is the ability to simply take your foot off the gas pedal and the car slowly coasts to a stop. Parents also have the ability to stop the 12V-model car instantly by pushing the button “N” on the side of the car. This has the ability to bring an electric car to an immediate halt.

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