The Ford Mustang is the leading muscle car, and it not only has an alluring design but also has incredible power. A child can experience a part of the Mustang legacy with this Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang. The car was designed as the child equivalent of sports vehicles. The muscle car offers a realistic detail both outside and inside the vehicle. It has fun chrome wheel caps and pretend seat belts along with a cup holder. The vehicle’s interior looks quite similar to the real car, complete with all accessories and features such as the fake GPS, fake air vents, and a pretend radio which plays real radio tunes.

The power wheels of the Ford Mustang “keeps it real”` by using the same design look of the recent Ford Mustang. The car also has a sound box which has cool motor sounds, and a cup holder and an adjustable seat. The luxury vehicle seats only two children of ages 1 to 5. The vehicle drives with two speeds: it moves 2.5 and 5 mph forward and then 2.5mph when in reverse. The Power Wheel Ford Mustang can be driven on hard surfaces as well as grass surfaces.

The Ford Mustang lets a child ride in style, and it moves on 12 volts of battery power which is rechargeable for real driving adventure and fun. The Ford Mustang’s realistic design offers a unique look, and it also features a rear spoiler, running horse grille, and a rear spoiler. Its reverse, two forward speeds, and Power Lock brakes will give a child great adventure. The vehicle also allows the high speed to be locked out to protect a younger or inexperienced child driver. The child can also listen to music while on their fun adventure on the vehicle’s pretend radio. The child can also ride with a friend and make use of the cup holder for their drinks and pretend seat belts to protect them. All these features are sure to give a child a real experience of driving a car and prepare them for the future.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang
  • Sporty Mustang styling
  • Realistic dashboard with "radio" tunes
  • Drives on hard surfaces and grass
  • Drives two speeds forward 2.5 and 5 mph, max
  • Includes 12-volt battery and charger

Power Wheels Ford Mustang: main features

The Fisher-Price designed Power Wheels Ford Mustang is built with a 12-volt battery, and this promises to provide the speed and power any child wants to have in their vehicle. This luxurious toy car also has real doors which open and close, and also has Power Lock Brakes, and this is a must-have for beginner drivers. It moves at 2.5-MPH and 5-MPH if it goes forward and 2.5-MPH when it is reverse.

As is usual among most Fisher-Price cars, the Power Wheels Ford Mustang was built with a one-year limited “Bumper to Bumper” warranty. If there is any damage to anything in the car, it can be taken to one of over 300 service centers located all over the nation for repairs. All vehicles are tested before they are shipped with the Fisher-Price’s in-house assurance test track for quality, though this may not find every possible problem which could occur within the first year of the vehicle’s use.

The 12-volt battery of the Power Wheels Ford Mustang promises a high standard of performance which a 6-volt model simply cannot compete with. This 12-volt system is perfect for children who weigh over 30 pounds and also allows the car to reach a speed of 5-MPH. Also, it provides prolonged battery life for child drivers.

When it is removed from the box, the parents may need to do some assembly of the parts, and this will take over an hour. Applying the decals is most times the most time-consuming aspect because it requires the most attention and also careful application. The parents need to take their time as they apply the decals as wrinkles can lessen the vehicle’s overall appearance.

The series of the Power Wheels Mustangs have gone through a lot of revisions since the first release in 2006. This means that most of the defects have been fixed in recent years. The actuation, front alignment, steering rod, battery connector, rear electric motors, and other main features are all designed impeccably to deliver an excellent standard of performance.

Even though the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang is not necessarily as educational as a lot of other vehicles, it is an American rite of passage for children. The Mustang has a very rich heritage in the American culture, which is something that children of today should have to experience.

The luxury toy car is both entertaining and reliable, which is all a child can really ask for with any Power Wheel vehicle.


• Amazon exclusive

• Two-speed drive

• Pretend key activates the engine sounds

• Dashboard gauges truly move

• Cup holders are made to keep the kids hydrated as they play


• Radio is pretend

• It won’t go over five MPH

Conclusion/Call to action

Every child wants a toy which makes them feel like a grown-up and experienced, and there is no toy more astonishing to a kid than their personal pint-sized toy vehicle. The amazing features on the ride on toy car such as the interior cup holders, horn, and a really awesome pretend key which activates the engine sounds and the dashboard gauges, make this car a must-have for all kids. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger and has a limited speed of 5 MPH for an excellent driving experience. The Mustang also boasts of an adjustable seat for the growing kid drivers, and power lock brakes which give a child the best experience as well as keep them safe.

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